Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Sampler - Tracks of the Week (Week 5)

First of all, just want to put the word that there is a We All Have Hooks for Hands show at Nutty's North in Sioux Falls on Tuesday starting at 7 P.M. Be there. And now for the songs that I simply can’t stop listening to:

Ween – The Mollusk

Off of Ween’s nautical album (also titled The Mollusk), this may be one of the most addicting songs I’ve ever listened to. The song begins with a mix of acoustic picking and synthesized flute-like noises. A deep man’s voice enters, asking, “Hey, little boy/Whatcha got there?” And the boy answers, “Kind sir/It’s a Mollusk I found” The story then unfolds as to the magic of this mollusk, and the wonders of the ocean. Listening to the song, it does make one want to be near the ocean, or at least a large body of water. The best part of the song is, hands down, the trumpet solos, whether they’re synthesized or not. (Sometimes I think they are, other times I think it’s a real trumpet.) Either way, they kick major ass.

Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost

Band of Horses’ second album, Cease to Begin, isn’t as impressive as their first, but at least with the first song, it certainly makes a valiant attempt. Is There a Ghost opens with Ben Bridwell’s usual tenor glistening and dripping in reverb, and after the first few measures, the rest of the band drop the bomb, pulling in overtime with hard instrumentals. Regardless of how good the rest of the album is, Is There a Ghost was a step in a good direction, let’s hope they can keep trucking that way.

And those are this week’s tracks, hope you enjoy them.

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m!les said...

Ween - The Mollusk

Leave it to Ween. My first introduction to this band was a couple of songs that were "rejected Pizza Ranch commercial jingles". Whether that's true or not, they were called "Where'd The Cheese Go?"

This song was much nicer and gave me a new respect for the band. I think the trumpets are fake.

Band of Horses - Is There A Ghost?

I totally agree with this. I got their first album based on The Funeral, and I found a couple other gems amongst the remaining tracks, but The Funeral, I thought, was there strongest effort.

It's the same thing here. Is There A Ghost?, while short and repetitive, is the stand-out track. It's going to be the one people request and remember, and everything else will fade away. I just wish these guys could have more than one or two inspirational moments per record.