Monday, October 1, 2007

Let's Stay Friends

As the name of the album implies, the future of Les Savy Fav was unclear for a period of time. This is their first album since 2004’s Inches, which showed Les Savy Fav at the peak of their genius. After Inches, though, the band went on hiatus without a clear direction if there was ever to be another sound from the New York City art rockers. Earlier in 2007, however, without warning, Les Savy Fav started a massive tour across North America, seemingly uplifting the hiatus. Quickly after the start of the tour, the band announced that, indeed, there was to be another album.

By the second song of Let’s Stay Friends, you know that the band has not lost their touch. Moreover, it may be the best record the band has ever recorded. Throughout the entire album, the band blends their art rock perfectly with blossoming guitar and bass hooks. Lead singer Tim Harrington can’t seem to decide whether to keep shouting his cryptic lyrics, or to lean back on his falsetto swoons, but always seems to make the right choice, hitting the loud hits of the song with an even louder voice, and caressing the guitar hooks with light croons.

Harrington’s lyrics switch between oddly poetic and sexual, (Pattie Lee sloughed her skin and showed what was within/It’s hard to describe/She moved like smoke and sounded like ice) and tongue-in-cheek humor (Being the king was pretty cool/I’d have to say that ruling ruled).

With this album, Les Savy Fav prove that they are far from over, and are still one of the greatest visionaries in indie rock.

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