Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Sampler- Tracks of the Week (Week 1)

Here is this week’s rundown of songs that I have discovered that are excellent:

Les Savy Fav- Patty Lee

Les Savy Fav have always been visionaries, reinventing themselves and the indie dance/punk/rock genre with each album they realease, but they have outdone themselves this time. This is from their new album, Let’s Stay Friends, and bears listen after listen. The song starts out with the group’s usual frenetic guitar and drums, and lead singer Tim Harrington comes in with a high falsetto croon, and hits the chorus in his usual scratchy yell. Les Savy Fav incorporate the disco bass they were inching towards on their last album, Go Forth, but perfect it on this song.

Shout Out Louds- Tonight I Have to Leave It

The first track from the Shout Out Louds’ latest album, Our Ill Wills, is quite possibly the best track on this or their previous record. Produced by Bjorn of Peter Bjorn and John, the song is much more dance-oriented than anything from their previous album, and incorporates guitar, strings, bells, and pianos. The song tells the story of gaining true love only by leaving it. Adam Olenius gives his usual emo yelp fitted into an indie sound, but it sounds much more applicable in the new sound setting that they acquired.

Blitzen Trapper- Devil’s A-Go-Go

The opener from Wild Mountain Nation, Blitzen Trapper’s latest album, is a fuzzy, spasmodic, dirty, eclectic, and undeniably addicting track. The group play with such an energy that one feels compelled to forget who’s watching and break out the old air guitar. Littered with hoots and cat-calls from the band, Devil’s A-Go-Go is reminiscent of early Pavement, lacking direction and not giving a f*** who knows it. This band is shaping out to be promising, and so far has my vote for best album of the year.

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m!les said...

Les Savy Fav - Patty Lee

Not having ever heard the band, but heard of them, this was a good introduction. The song has a pop-rock dance quality to it. Also, I like the yelling (which isn't high enough to be a scream - like all those pop-punk singers like to do).

Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It

His voice kinda sounds like The Cure's Robert Smith with a strange speech impediment. In fact, this felt quite a bit like The Cure. Perhaps I was thrown off by the voice, but it seems to be a dancier, less meloncholy version or mascara rockers whose Greatest Hits holds a dear crevice of my heart.

Blitzen Trapper - Devil's A-Go-Go

If you haven't, you should check out the video. Spasmodic is right, but I'm attracted to that kind of music. More so than not having a direction, I like to think of it as knowing the direction, and stomping off randomly anyway. The guitar part reminded me of Cold War Kids's We Used To Vacation, and Menomena's Pelican. I'll keep my eye out for this album.